Flying Start Leaflets

by David Chalmers on 5 April, 2017

My Flying Start leaflets arrived and have started to be delivered already, this on the day that I learned UKIP are fielding their former Chairman Steve Crowther to run against me in Barnstaple South.

One of our local party veterans was heard describing them as the best election literature that he has seen from our party in thirty years. They are good – I am really pleased with them – and judging from the responses from people who had read them when I knocked on their doors – they are doing what they were intended to do – Introducing me and what I stand for to the people of Barnstaple.

It was another good day of knocking on doors. I was accompanied by Alan Rennles, Barnstaple Town Councillor for Longbridge and Fremington Parish Councillor for Woodville. The number of people now offering to put stake boards outside their homes keeps increasing. It is clear that people want to send a message to be heard loud and clear in Exeter and in Westminster – that they are not fooled by all the rhetoric, they can see what a mess the Government is creating for this country and that the Tory run County Council is tired and just not up to the job. They have had enough and want this to stop. One lady even came out of her house to give me a big hug – she was so pleased that the Lib Dems are back. We certainly are and stronger than ever!

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